Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Who Should Bob Dylan Play Pickup With?

Read the post below - now in the article it says that Bob Dylan played Cheech AND Chong in a game of pickup. This made me wonder: who played with Bob?

If you had to pick Bobs partner who would it be? See the poll at the right side of the screen. Would it be:

Neil Young: Big guy who works well one-on-one and with other players. Could be a monster rebounder but is probably pretty slow.
Johnny Cash: Strong and REALLY tough but strong headed. He definitely would play hard but would he lose his head?
Mick Jagger: Tall, athletic and full of energy... but do Brits really know how to play basketball?
Bruce Springsteen: A work horse who will leave it all out on the court. Strong and and athletic but not very tall.


Jordan said...

Seth only you would call Mick Jagger (who is listed at 5'10") tall.

Hops said...

Ha - I always thought he looked taller. Maybe he's 6 foot when he wear his heels.

Jordan said...

so you say springsteen is not very tall at 5'9 and Jagger is tall at 5'10. What is 5'9 and a half?

as for a game of bball height might favor Roger Waters or James Taylor at 6'3 or Richie HAVENS at 6'6. (gotta love google). but I think athletics wins out over height, especially in a pickup game.

Hops said...

James Taylor is definitely soft. Did you know he once lived in a mental institution.

Roger Waters is definitely NOT an athlete.

And Richie Havens would obviously win this poll... I'm talking about Shaft.