Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Schooling Bob Dylan While Stoned

Bob Dylan practicing his bounce pass

This just CAN'T be true.... can it? Hilarious either way. According to

Veteran singer Bob Dylan was once challenged to a basketball game by CHEECH AND CHONG - and lost to the comedy duo.

In Tommy Chong's forthcoming book, Cheech + Chong: The Unauthorized Autobiography, the funnyman recalls how he and the songwriter faced off on the basketball court - while Chong was high after smoking marijuana. He writes: "Talk about legends! Bob Dylan wrote and recorded so many meaningful, historic songs.

"Bob had a good jump shot and some pretty good moves - but when he tried driving past me for a lay-up, the Canadian ice hockey player in me came out... I dumped him on his ass with a ticky-tack foul."

This raises an interesting question for me to ponder: If I was offered a chance to play Bob Dylan in a game of basketball - and I'm talking Bobby D in the late 60's not 2008 Bobby D (the thought of present Day Bob Dylan posting up kind of makes me sick to be honest) - how hard would I play? Now I know he's not much bigger than me and frankly I am pretty confident I'm a better athlete. I mean if we were talking about competition of wits he MAY have me... slightly...barely... but if we're talking sport I know I could throw down like Tommy Chong. So the big question is would I? Would you? Would you seriously attempt to block a shot by Bob Dylan? Would you then start talking trash? I've thought about this for a while. Longer that I should have and my answer is clear.


Yes. I would talk trash to Bob Dylan himself. I mean he's my favorite artist of all time - and I'm talking artist: Rembrandt, Picasso, Lennon, Shakespeare... you get the point - but that is what makes it so appealing. No one should be that idolized - held to that high of a standard, especially a guy as weird as Bob Dylan.

But mostly I'd do it for one simple reason: I can guarantee no one talks more trash, and the type of trash that actually gets to you, than Bob Dylan. I mean he's fucking BOB DYLAN.

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Phoof E. Schniggles said...

I heard Tommy Chong on Howard Stern a couple of weeks ago (promoting the book) talking about that story. It ended with Tommy and Dylan in a sauna... naked... and I'm dead serious.