Monday, June 04, 2007

Mistaken for Strangers

As those of you know I've been hyping up one of my favorite bands, The National, for a while. Well the world seems to be catching up and they are currently a "buzz" band in the main stream media as well as the blogosphere. Their new album, Boxer, is absolutely fantastic. I'm still digesting it, as their albums are a bit more dense lyrically than most. But I am really enjoying it. One of my favorite tracks on the album actually has a video. The National with a proper video, who would have guessed it? Check out "Mistaken for Strangers":

I recently got to see them again open for Arcade Fire. I was really nervous that they would be met with an empty auditorium who would not be into them. I was totally wrong. There was a decent crowd present and the completely won people over. A few of us were fans too, as I heard several requests shouted out.

I'll be seeing them at the 9:30 club in June (i have an extra ticket if you're interested).

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