Thursday, November 02, 2006

November Rain

Yes! I looked at the calendar today and said "It's November, what's a good November song". So I was about to post Mr. November by The National in honor of Christian Gomez of DC United (Sr. Noviembre). However, I just posted a National concert review, and figured that was a little overkill. So then I thought the classic Guns 'n Roses video for "November Rain". It's truly nine minutes of nostalgia for me. Some highlights of the video:
  • Slash losing the ring
  • Axl putting on his glasses because he's serious when he plays piano
  • Slash playing guitar in front of the church in the middle of nowhere. Did they build that church just for the video?
  • Axl walking by the "Gun" store... subtle.
I saw Slash play with Velvet Revolver at the 9:30 club before their album came out (and before you realized it wasn't that good other than "Slither"), but that show was amazing; and seeing Slash in the club was a thrill. Now he does Volkswagon commercials. Times have changed. Anyway, enjoy the video... it's fantastic


Adam Curry said...

Being that I was/am a huge GnR fan, I feel obligated to comment on the video. Several amazing things to point out. Most telling being this was what eventually led to the implosion of the group as Axl wanted to continue writing these 'epic' type songs where the rest of the band wanted to go for a more rocking approach. I think Steven Adler ended up rocking a bit too much. I think by the end, you'll precisely see what GnR didn't survive much longer after this video. It's pretty telling.

On to the video.

0:02 - You always knew you were getting a good, long video when the title was written in cursive, before the little MTV popped up telling you the Song, Artist, Album and Director. See, Thiller, Jackson, Michael.

0:20 - Who books GnR in this nice a place? Had they not heard of the 16 other riots that occurred at their shows?

1:33 - Classy dress.

1:51 - Is that Michael Kamen?

2:05 - Now, he has a huge wedding, in a beautiful church, lavishly decorated, and she only has ONE bridesmade? Couldn't we get a cameo from some other Victoria Secrets models? Also, Slash is the only male member. Do you think the band had a meeting and drew straws as to who could be Axl's best man?

2:37 - I'm sorry, that guy is even a little too dirtballish for GnR.

3:24 - Can't be a wedding without inviting the backup singers.

3:36 - Are Duff and Slash the only two to show? Did the rest of the band blow off the wedding? I know Matt Sorum was new to the band, but you can't blow off the lead singers wedding, can you?

3:57 - Guitar solo ONE. And he HAS to be uncomfortable with the leather jacket and no shirt on. Good thing it's windy from the helicopter, at least there is a breeze.

4:39 - There are gravestones out there. Who asks to get buried in the middle of a desert, with no roads in or out of any kind? I mean, come on, that's just inconsiderate of those that have to live on past you.

5:03 - Where did everyone go? They had a church full of people, now there's maybe 30 people hanging around to throw rice. I know Axl probably throws a bitchin reception and you're probably excited to get there, but you have to at least stick around to throw rice. And what's with the women without jackets? I've been to weddings in July where the women were complaining about being cold. And Slash, he's got his shirt open to his belly button. It's freakin November!

5:12 - First facial sign things aren't going right. Axl probably kicked her on the way into the Rolls Royce.

6:00 - Did he steal P. Diddy's jacket?

6:10 - Cameo alert! Yes! Ricki Rachman from Headbangers Ball!

6:13 - Again, just Slash and Duff at the wedding. Clearly, the signs were there for the GnR breakup.

6:57 - Dude, it's raining. You can't just run inside? The doors are right there. Did you have to crash through the cake?!?

7:15 - Now we know why there were only 2 people in the wedding party. They had no real friends! Come on, they had a packed church for the wedding, and now they can't fill 1/10 of the place. Everyone was mooching off them for the reception. Oh, and do you see any members of the band? NO. Some friends they are.

7:20 - What's with the left half of her face? Is she a Terminator? How did he kill her without either crushing her or dropping her into boiling metal?

7:41 - It's just Slash and Duff again. Matt, you're officially out of the band. And what about you, Gilby? What's your excuse?

8:22 - I guess after getting drenched in the rain for the wedding, they decided to check the weather and grabbed an umbrella before coming to the funeral. Smart.

8:56 - Axl has a jacket on, clearly showing he's the brains in the group.

Piper121 said...

I wish I could have caught the Velvet Revolver concert. 9:30 club is a great venue.

I think Slash was a badass in that VW commercial. I was on YouTube watching all the ads and found this:

Its footage of the commercial behind the scenes. The sound is tight and he can still rock!!