Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Episode 8: Halloween Part 2 Now Available!

Happy Halloween Hopscasters,

The second half of the All You Need Is Hops Halloween special is now available. It’s called “Costume Party” so I think the theme is quite obvious. So for your listening pleasure you can now listen to Episode 7: Halloween 1 - Dire Wolves and Psycho Killers and follow it up with the brand new Episode 8: Halloween 2 - Costume Party. Your Halloween should be covered with over two hours of Hops!

As always all the set lists and links to every show are available on the Hopscast page: http://www.allyouneedishops.com/Hopscasts.htm though I prefer you don’t peek at the set list before listening.

To listen you have the following options:

A) Right click the title to this post or the Hopscasts links on the right side of the screen. Save the link as or target as an MP3 and play on your computer’s music player or an MP3 player.

B) Simply click the title to this post or the Hopscasts links on the right side of the screen and you should be able to stream the show in your browser

C) If you have trouble you can email me at allyouneedishops@gmail.com and I’ll burn you a CD of any show you want. I’ll even pay for the stamp because I’m a nice guy.


Anonymous said...

stupid hops...


Hops said...

Stupid Brad - He is trying to link to an album called Motown Meets the Beatles which contains the Martha and the Vandellas cover and the Steview Wonder cover. A good find by Brad