Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Group D World Cup Songs


Group D – I like none of these teams. Go Angola!


Devastation by Matthew Ryan: The feeling felt by the entire nation when we beat them in the 2002 World Cup. Even if we come in last this time and they win it all they can’t take that one back. Suckers!

Something Against You by The Pixies: I have something against Mexico. Not the country or the people… and certainly not the food. I have something against their team. They’re classless. They wouldn’t even shake our hands after we beat them, and we always beat them. Classless. I did support them vs. Iran, but I felt dirty about it. Very dirty.


Psycho Killer by Talking Heads: In honor of their crazy-assed President. What a nut job that dude is.

Political World by Bob Dylan: So much of the talk about the Iran team is due to their crazy President. We have on too – obviously not that crazy – but the point is the players aren’t politicians. They’re just players. My favorite moment of the World Cup came when the goalie for Iran gave the Mexican keeper, Oswaldo Sanchez, a bouquet of flowers before their game. Sanchez had just lost his dad a few days earlier and barely had time to get to the funeral and fly back to the game. In a sign of compassion the goalie gave him flowers. Now that’s class. How can I have a problem with that guy just because he lives in a place that isn’t exactly seeing eye to eye with the place I live? I can’t. I still hope they lose to Angola though.


Antelope by Phish: “Run like an antelope out of control” A great live Phish tune, perfect for Angola. They might be the worst team at the World Cup, but they might have the best name: The Black Antelopes (why do the African teams all have the great names?). What would happen if a White guy played for them? I guess its not a problem to worry about.

Brand New Colony: In an interesting twist of fate Angola opened the World Cup vs. Portugal, the country that colonized them. The same thing happened in 2002 when Senegal played their former colonizers in the opener, France. But unlike Senegal, Angola was unable to force the upset.


The Great Pretender by The Platters: Maybe known more for the Queen cover, I know this from my days listening to the Oldies station growing up. I picked it up for Portugal because when we beat them in 2002 they thought they had a chance to win the World Cup. They didn’t get out of the group. I wanted a song about Figo or Port wine, but couldn’t find anything good.

The Golden Age by Beck: This represents the last shot for the so called Golden Generation of Portugal soccer. They are all getting a bit older now and the young players, with the exception of guys like that punk Christiano Ronaldo (no not the Brazilian one), aren’t as good as the boys from Figo’s class. Do they have one run in them? They have a weak group so they can get out of it. After that who knows.

My predictions for Group D- Mexico winner, Porgugal Runner up

Forgot to predict Group C- Argentina wins, Holland runners up.

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