Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Group C World Cup Songs

Dutch soccer on acid

Group C – an easier group – certainly not on the field, but for songs

Serbia & Montenegro

Grounds for Divorce by Wolf Parade: Since qualifying for the World Cup the cute couple of Serbia and Montenegro have broken up. How sad. Luckily for them their team doesn’t have to split up either - though only two players are from Montenegro. I bet Montenegro joins such mighty nations as Malta, San Marino, Andorra and Liechtenstein for the title of worst in Europe.

Miss Sarajevo by U2: A beautiful U2 song featuring Pavarotti. He’s too fat to play soccer, but would make an amazing announcer. I’d expect at least a 10 minute “GOOOOAAAAALLLL” chant every time Italy scored. Of course this song is totally irrelevant to Serbia, since Sarajevo is in Bosnia. But honestly, did you even know that? I could have not said anything and you wouldn’t have realized. But I did – so now you know. They’re all former Yugoslavians anyway.


Amsterdam by Guster: Obviously because it’s a song about Amsterdam. Remember when Guster was cool? Ok maybe YOU don’t remember, but I thought they were cool when I was in college. Now I have to roll up the windows when I listen to their old albums – otherwise people will assume I’m 15 years old (thought I’d be the first bald 15 year old driving an Infinity).

High Hopes by Bruce Springsteen: Quick, name the last time the Dutch won the World Cup? If you’re answer was never you’re correct. They made the finals in the 70’s, but haven’t been very successful since then. They didn’t even qualify in 2002. Maybe they should lay off the drugs.


Poor Places by Wilco: In the last World Cup they were one of the favorites to win it all. Their country was in deep economic trouble and they were all riding their hopes on their soccer team. What did they do? Crashed out of their group. Didn’t get out of the first round. I can’t imagine the pressure they were playing with.

Casey Jones by The Grateful Dead: In honor of their coked up legend Maradona. One of the greatest to ever play. Now he is buddies with Castro and loves to say how awful America is. You’re hair is awful Maradona. And I’m taller than you. And …. That’s all I got. I’m excited to see them play the Dutch though, should be a great game.

Ivory Coast

The Clear Coast by Josh Rouse: There are plenty of songs about coasts… this one just happens to be in my car CD player right now. Its off his new album Subtitulo. The song, Josh Rouse and the album have nothing to do with the Ivory Coast.

Wild Billy’s Circus Story by Bruce Springsteen: They have a great nickname – the Elephants. Except they’re not fat, slow or stupid like elephants at all. No confirmation that they work for peanuts though. They are actually fast and exciting to watch and probably the best team in Africa. They also have Drogba on Chelsea (who I saw play vs. DC United). He’s pretty darn good.

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