Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup of Songs - Round 1 completed

With the first round coming to close and the pain of the USA’s losses still stinging I realized I never finished the World Cup of Songs first round. Here goes nothing

Group F

Samba Tranquille by Thievery Corporation
– my favorite electronica music is definitely DC’s own Thievery Corp.
And what better song than this one for the Samba boys. They were a bit tranquil for 2 and a half games then Japan woke them up. Uh oh… everyone is in trouble now.
The Wizard Turns On by The Flaming Lips – Everybody’s favorite overbite Ronaldino is starting to pick up his game. He does things that seem simply impossible on the soccer field.

Tiny Tears by Tindersticks
– For a few reasons – Japanese fans (and Korean fans) love to band those inflatable sticks all game. I’ve heard they’re called “thunder sticks” but they’re not really all that intimidating, so we’ll just call them tindersticks.
Tiny Tears is for the little Japanese kids who were crying after they lost. Poor kids.
A Passing Feeling by Elliott Smith – For a few minutes they were beating Brazil. That had to be nice.

Lets Twist Again by Chubby Checker
– Have you seen their checkerboard jerseys? Not a fan.

A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free by Elliott Smith – In the first game Croatia was losing, but playing well, vs. Brazil. Their fans looked like they though Croatia was winning 10-0. They partied all game even when losing - lighting flares in the stands and everything. I’m guessing booze played a part, but they had fun.

Land Down Under by Men at Work
– What, did you think I was above it?
Of course not. When thinking Australia you have to think about this and the Vegemite sandwich. It’s non-negotiable.
Down to the Wire by Neil Young – Man do these guys have heart. Twice coming back in the last 10 minutes or so of the game. Incredible. They might be the worst team in the second round, but no one showed more guts and character.

Group G

Going to a go-go by The Rolling Stones
– change lyrics to Going to see Togo and you got yourself a Top 10 hit in Togo
Pay Me My Money Down by Pete Seeger – A song on the new Bruce Springsteen album where he cover Seeger is perfect for Togo. They coach quit then came back, the players threatened to skip the games then played all because of some payment issue. They wanted their money. But Togo wouldn’t pay or something. Basically they wanted money they were owed.

Oh You Pretty Things by David Bowie
– Have you seen the haircuts these guys are sporting? They look like they should be wearing jean shorts and tank tops out there.
Someone get queer eye for the straight guy out to Team Korea.

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen – Again, I’m really impressed by these guys. The players keep running and running and running and the fans keep singing and singing and singing. Its incredible to watch.

Please Mrs. Henry by Bob Dylan
– Theiry Henry is one of my favorite players, and a French legend. However, someone needs to wake these guys up. They’ve been tre boring in the first round.
French Vacation by The Walkmen – WAKE UP FRANCE! You have Henry AND Zidane (not to mention the rest of their team). Start to wake up and realize you’re in the World Cup.

In Between by Josh Rouse
– Never a great team, never a bad team.
This neutral nation is kinda just average in so many ways.
Army Dub by Gomez
– This song is from the high point of Gomez’ career if you ask me, the In Our Gun album. Many fans hated it, because it was less poppy and more electronica based. To me it was their best work.
In honor of the Swiss Army Knife. Why does a neutral nation need an army? Do they even have an army? Do they carry the knives? Discsuss amongst yourselves.

Group H

Let Me Ride by Dr. Dre
– The best player on this team is “Dr.” Andre Schevchenko (spelled wrong because I’m too lazy to look it up). So his nickname isn’t Dr., but it could be.
I’m struggling here.
Obviously 5 Believers by Bob Dylan
I wanted something off of blonde on blonde in honor of the blonde Ukrainians and their yellow jerseys. This song worked well since only about 5 people thought they’d bounce back after getting spanked in the first game 4-0, they then won 4-0 in the second game. Crazy.

Summer Time by Josh Rouse
– After getting divorced Josh moved to the coast of Spain to a small town near Valencia.
I don’t know why but he seems happy. I do, however, know hwy the Spanish seem happy. Because they look pretty darn good right now.
Holiday in Spain by The Counting Crows – Most of Spain is off work to watch them play anyway, so might as well join the Fiesta.

Under African Skies by Paul Simon
– Did you know people like to vacation in Tunisa which is located on the Northern Coast of Africa?
I did.
Desert Rain by Sting
– 45% of Tunisia is composed of the Sahara Desert.
The rest is fertile. File that under interesting facts about Tunisia

Saudi Arabia
Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil
– Of course we’re going to get an oil reference in there.
FYI they love Midnight Oil in Australia, and they were/are actually a really good band beyond this one hit they had. Earth, Sun and Moon is a great album that I still listen to occasionally.
Rock the Casbah by The Clash – SHAREEF DON’T LIKE IT.
They don’t like the Saudi’s getting whooped, and I mean whooped, by Ukraine.

That’s it folks – I hope you look forward to seeing who will win the World Cup of songs. I’ll figure out how to decide that over the weekend. All I know is that Born in the USA isn’t making it. Sigh.


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