Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I ain't ever gonna ride in no used car again

Everybody loves the joy of pulling out of a car dealership with a brand new car. Unfortunately, as soon as you do that your car just dropped in value by thousands of dollars. This is something that really grinds my gears. Considering that for many people the car you buy is the second largest purchase you'll make, behind your home, it almost seems foolish to do this. That is why I like to buy very nice used cars, which I otherwise could not afford new anyway. This weekend Mrs. Hops and I did just that (you can send me congratulatory emails if you want). This process reminded me of Bruce Springsteen's "Used Cars" and my annual listening of Nebraska and realizing how great Bruce can be.

"Now, the neighbors come from near and far
As we pull up in our brand new used car
I wish he'd just hit the gas and let out a cry and tell 'em all they can kiss our asses goodbye

...Now, mister, the day my numbers comes in I ain't ever gonna ride in no used car again"

Listen to "Used Cars" by Bruce Springsteen (mp3)
Buy Nebraska here

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