Thursday, November 20, 2008

This Month's Poll: Who Should Rock The White House

With all the news about Obama picking his cabinet I was trying to think about which rock stars I'd want to be part of my government. Obviously Bob Dylan would be there, but that is just as a special adviser. Here are some suggestions for Obama. Which one would you choose? Vote for your favorite on the right side of the screen.

Secretary of Health and Human Services
: Tommy Lee - Who better to oversee the Center For Disease Control?

Secretary of Homeland Security: Ted Nugent - He'll personally protect us all with his bow and arrow.

Secretary of The Treasury: Beyonce - She knows how to make money. Just yesterday I saw a commercial on TV singing, dancing and telling me to "upgrade" to DirectTV. She would get us out of this deficit in 3 weeks by renting out ad space to Viagra on the Washington Monument.

Secretary of Energy: Iggy Pop - Tapping Iggy's blood would be like finding the ultimate alternative energy source. We would be able to run the entire country on booze and pills.

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