Monday, June 23, 2008

Hops Solves The Mortgage "Crisis"

For those of you who have been wondering where I've been the last few weeks I have a good excuse. Mrs. Hops and I are in the process of trying to move. Now buying a house in this market is pretty easy. However, selling a house is another story. People are taking all types of desperate measures to sell their property like dropping the pricing, nice staging and throwing in closing costs. These are all good ways to go... if you're Ed McMahon. However, if you REALLY want to draw in the buyers what you need is a good mix.

I put together 3 hours of music to last an entire 1-4PM open house. As you can see it relies on a lot of instrumentals in order to appeal to wide range of buyers. Like snake charming music this is guaranteed to work. Here is a sample for you to download for your own open house. Best of luck.

Hops' Open House Mix:

  1. No. 40 Swineherd’s Dance: Allegro Vivace by Bela Bartok (MP3) – A gorgeous instrumental piece to set the tone for the open house.
  2. Penny Lane by The Beatles (MP3)– A perfect house on a perfect street.
  3. Hardest Geometry Problem In The World by Mark Mothersbaugh (MP3)You’ll recognize this instrumental piece from the movie Rushmore. The title is appropriate when considering mortgage options.
  4. Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys (MP3) – “I’m picking up good vibrations”. A not so subtle message.
  5. Love Theme From The Godfather by Nino Rota (MP3) This will inspire people to cook in their new kitchen
  6. The Inlaw Josie Wales by Phish (MP3) – A classy way to appeal to hippies. It’s actually a beautiful instrumental piece.
  7. Theme From The Last Waltz by The Band (MP3) – A nice waltz to inspire your buyers and help them feel your house’s charm.
  8. Two of Us by The Beatles (MP3) – “On Our Way Back Home, We’re On Our Way Home”
  9. Family Conference by Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham (MP3) – Sure this instrumental piece was written for a movie about divorce. But it’s a pretty song and you need to send the message that this house is so beautiful its worth fighting for. Trade the kids for the house. Trust me.
  10. Our House by Crosby Still, Nash & Young (MP3) Because you kind of have to put this one on the list. By this time the deal will be sealed.

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