Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wow, People Are Still Pissed At Metallica

Lars: Still hated after all of these years

There is an article entitled "Metallica Repents, Sort Of" on talking about their plan to release music in the style of Radiohead/Trent Reznor - aka DRM free online. However, the article correctly pointed out that Metallica was the same band who really were on the forefront of the anti-Napster movement and even went so far as to release a list of people who shared Metallica songs online. So as you can imagine some people find a bit of irony in this new approach. What I loved about the article, however, was the comments at the bottom. Some choice ones include:

"I have been around as long as all lost all my respect when you f___ed off all your fans for $$$$. As if you didn't have enough!! 2 little 2 late" "They killed Napster, now fans will let them die a slow death of their own. Rot in HELL Metallica! You guys are OLD news!" "Haha, F U Metallica. Oh I get it, now that your careers are in the shitter, you finally wanna open up to this "new & hip" digital world only NOW in 2008 after years of alienating thousands of your fans by suing the pants off them & treating them like criminals for spreading your music. Too little too late. You & your scum bag lawyers can all go fuck yourselves, you greedy corporate bastards."

... and my personal favorite
"I'd rather watch old Testament videos on YouTube than give Metallica another dime ever again!"

Hilarious. I don't know what that last one means but I'm guessing that the person who wrote it doesn't regularly attend Church.

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Phoof E. Schniggles said...

I believe "Testament" is another Rock Band...