Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yeah, But Will They Remember to Vote?

I'll give this Obama dude credit... he is actually accepting an endorsement from The Dead. In fact they are holding a special one-time only reunion concert to support him tonight. You can even watch it via a webcast here at 9:30PM EST. I have no desire to talk politics but The Dead aren't exactly the type of band that you feel will cement your status as a legitimate Presidential Candidate. I aslo find it funny they're holding the concert on Tuesday night to support Super Tuesday...which will no doubt lead to many Dead Heads forgetting to vote because they are too busy "pre-gaming" it for the Dead show.

So this begs the question, who is going to support the other candidates? Here are my guesses:

Hillary Clinton - She lost all credibility by picking the Canadian Anti-Christ, Celine Dion, for her campaign song. The prospect of hearing her sing during the campaign trail could be a difference maker to me for my vote. I would imagine that in addition to Celine Dion Hillary will have a full concert of Canadian no-talent assclowns such as Shania Twain, Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams. Paul Shaffer will MC

McCain - I know nothing about this man's musical taste but I bet you 10-1 he's an Eagles fan. 10-1. This article makes it seem he's hip because someone once put a Lauyrn Hill CD in his car. My friend Craig once bought me a Wyclef album. That doesn't mean I listen to it.

Huckabee - Squirrel Nut Zippers. Mmmmmm..... squirrel.

Romney - He'll obviously bring together the most famous Mormom Bands on the planet. Don't thing there are any? Well how about Arthur "Killer" Kane of the New York Dolls (check out a movie about him here). Not good enough? How about The Killers! Yep... they're Mormon as well. I'm sure there are more I just don't really care about their religion unless they are named Creed.

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