Friday, February 01, 2008

Excitable Boy

Here are five albums due to be released in the coming months that I'm really excited for:

Warpaint by The Black Crowes on March 4th

Finally! Its been six long years since the Black Crowes released a proper album. In between we got Chris Robinson’s disappointing solo efforts and some greatest hits packaging (which are fantastic by the way). Even more exciting is that this new album will feature none other than Luther Dickinson of The North Mississippi All-Stars. Yes! To coincide with the release the band will be playing the album in its entirety at its shows starting in March. Listen to a few of the new tracks on their site. What I’ve heard so far is really excellent – classic Crowes.

A video for one of their new songs “Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution” can be seen on You Tube here: – but they disabled the embedding feature so I can post it here for you..

Shockingly, I’ve never played The Black Crowes on any episode of All You Need Is Hops. But I GUARANTEE they’ll be on the next episode. That was planned in advance of this post.

Smilers by Aimee Mann sometime in March

As you know I’m a big fan of Aimme Mann’s recent work, especially The Forgotten Arm. To hear that entire album in a format of a book with lyrics click here. According to an inverview with Aimme in the DCist this album won’t be conceptual but will be tied together musically. In Aimee I trust so I’m ready no matter how the album is presented.

Aimee Mann appears on the following All You Need Is Hops Episodes - Episode 22: Rejuvenation and Resurrection and Episode 8: Halloween Part 2 - Costume Party

Matthew Ryan vs. The Silver State by Matthew Ryan on April 1st

I have no idea what Mr. Ryan has against the state of Nevada but based on the four tracks I’ve already heard it’s something emotional. Matthew Ryan is one of the most deserving artists out there and more people should pay attention to his music. Here is what he has to say about the new album:

This is an arrival that's been 25 years in the making. "Everyone I know and love is in this record… including myself, there's a lot of myself in there. "It Could've Been Worse," "They Were Wrong," "Drunk And Disappointed"... they all speak to where I've been, where my friends have been, but not where we're going. I just want us all to figure it out. I want everyone to win."

I don’t know what that means exactly but it certainly speaks to introspection. Check out the four tracks in the player below.


Matthew Ryan appears on the following All You Need Is Hops Episodes - Episode 17: America, The Beautiful, Episode 20: Business Travel, Episode 13: Mystery Madness and Episode 11: A New Hope (as a part of Strays Don’t Sleep)

Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket on June 10th

Waiting until June will be painful. MMJ are one of the best bands on the planet both in studio and live. Learn them… live them… love them.

Here is the band playing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Lalapalooza.

My Morning Jacket appears on the following All You Need Is Hops Episodes - Episode 22: Rejuvenation and Resurrection, Episode 15: The Electric Kool-Aid Hops Test, Episode 3: Hot Days and Holidays and they have the honor of being the first band ever played on the show in Episode 1: An Introduction

TBD album name by Yeah Yeah Yeahs on a TBD date

I have a lot of info on this one don’t I? What else do you need to know except that this is the follow up to Show Your Bones, one of my favorites from 2006 and IS IS – an excellent EP released last year which features this incredible video:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs appears on the following All You Need Is Hops Episodes - Episode 20: Business Travel, Episode 12: Beside You In Time, Episode 10: Top of the Hops

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