Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day mix

Happy President’s Day Everyone!

Personally, I love random holidays with no real significance. What exactly am I supposed to be celebrating today? That the bank is closed? That I don’t get my mail? To be fair I DID get the day off. This extra time is giving me the chance to make this mega-post inspired by US Presidents. Now I couldn’t think of a song for all of them so if you have any ideas for missing Presidential songs please add them to the comments section. All songs are downloadable.

George WashingtonWashington, DC by The Magnetic Field (mp3). When you name the entire city after the man you have to use it.

John Adams – My Winding Wheel by Ryan Adams (mp3). Possibly a distant cousin?

Thomas Jefferson – Volunteers by Jefferson Airplane (mp3). TJ what happened here? Yeah.

James Madison – 15 Step by Radiohead Live from Madison Square Garden (mp3).

James Monroe – Doctor Monroe by Casey Dienel (mp3). Last I checked he wasn’t actually a doctor, making Casey a liar.

John Quincy Adams – Theme from Quincy, M.E. (mp3). This was one of my dad’s favorite shows growing up. It’s about a crazy Medical Examiner named Quincy who goes around solving cases. Most of them involved punks who are causing trouble.

Andrew Jackson – Jackson Cage by Bruce Springsteen (mp3).

Millard Fillmore – Blue Moon Rising by Gomez Live from the Fillmore Auditorium (mp3). I can’t claim I really heard of Millard Fillmore…but I have heard of the famous Fillmore West.

Abraham Lincoln – Sucker by Lincoln (mp3). I remembered I owned this CD of a band named Lincoln that my friend Kate gave me a long time ago. I dug through my CD binders and found it. They’re kind of a cross between the Old 97’s and Blink 182. You can decide if that is a good thing of not.

Andrew Johnson – Cripple and the Starfish by Anthony and the Johnsons (mp3).

Ulysses S. Grant – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by The Band (mp3). The greatest song ever written about the South and Southern pride in honor of the man who led the charge to destroy it. I live near Lee Highway and Leesburg Pike and the town of Leesburg. There is nothing named after Grant around here.

Teddy Roosevelt – Teddy Boy by Paul McCartney (mp3).

Woodrow WilsonWilson by Phish (mp3). I think this was about a volleyball or some creature from Gamehendge. But it works here.

Dwight D. Eisenhower – Even Rats by The Slip (mp3) off their album Eisenhower.

John F. Kennedy – Halloween by Dead Kennedys (mp3)

Richard Nixon - Rhythm King by Luna (mp3) with the line “Nixon’s in a coma and I hope its gonna last”. Apparently it did.

Jimmy Carter – Jimmy Jazz by The Clash (mp3). Though I don’t know if Jimmy Carter really is all that jazzy.

Ronald Reagan – Airport Song by Guster (mp3). Since they renamed National Airport to Reagan National. A source of controversy in the DC area.

George H.W. Bush – Machinehead by Bush. (mp3). Obviously.

Bill Clinton – Freak of the Week by Funkadelic (mp3). “George Clinton…Parliament / Funkadelic….. Dude, aren’t you supposed to be a music major?”

George W. Bush – Christ for President by Billy Bragg & Wilco (mp3).

And for all of those who didn’t get a song – Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America (mp3)

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Phoof E. Schniggles said...

William and/or Benjamin Harrison - My Sweet Lord; George Harrison

Andrew and/Lyndon B. Johnson - Dr. Feelgood; Motley Crue in honor of Tommy Lee's "I can drive with my" Johnson

Rutherford B. Hayes - Shaft!; Who you callin Shaft - Isaac Hayes

Grover Cleveland - Fire (Let me Stand next to your); Move over Grover, let Jimi take over!

Calvin Coolidge - Cool it Now; New Edition... 1984

Herbert Hoover - Suck my Kiss; Red Hot Chili Peppers (Hoover vaccuum?)