Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Zushe ben Avraham in the house!

Why does this never happen to me? Last week I went to Temple for Yom Kippur. I can't say it was too exciting. Sure there were a few politicians I didn't know, Sam from the first season of The Apprentice (see photo below), the tallest Rabbi in America (really, he's over six feet tall!), lots of old Jews and some guy who's claim to fame is that he was once a guest on Oprah and that he knows Joe Lieberman. Of courseI don't go there for the entertainment value, I go to ask for forgiveness from my sins after judging others, not ever going to Temple and being a fairly terrible person the other 364 days a year. But I have to admit this story below made me jealous. Frankly, it should make YOU jealous. It should even make you consider converting to Judaism.... but no one can blame you if you don't.

From Chabad.org:

Recording legend Bob Dylan joined Chabad-Lubavitch of Georgia for Yom Kippur services over the weekend. Dylan, who was in town for a concert following the holiday, was called up to the Torah, but otherwise did not cause much of a stir among the congregation.

Arriving in a ski cap and tallit, Dylan stayed for the duration of the morning services, during which he was called up by his Jewish name Zushe ben Avraham. The singer/songwriter said the blessings in Hebrew without stumbling, like a pro, reported Rabbi Yossi Lew.

Dylan's appearance was kept under wraps at the request of his manager, who found the Chabad House through Chabad.org's online directory.

This is NOT Bob Dylan

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Jordan said...

Don't be hating on the Oprah dude who takes pictures that make him look like Daddy Warbucks from Annie...