Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is Philly Really Sunny?

Last weekend I was in Philly for a good friend's wedding and next weekend I'll be there again for a family function. Couple that with the premier of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" this week and it got me thinking about the City of Brotherly Love.

When I think of music in Philly it starts and stops with the old days of American Bandstand and the generation of that time which included Fabian, Frankie Avalon and Chubby Checker (all three went to the same high school by the way). Speaking of American Bandstand did you know the Mama Hops and her brother once were on the show? I bet you didn't. But then again how could you know that?

Once you get past American Bandstand what is left to represent the city? There are songs about Philly - most notably Streets of "Philadelphia" by Bruce Springsteen and "Philadelphia Freedom" by Elton John - but neither are natives. And does this video really capture the spirit of the city? I don't think so.

So which bands really represent Philly? I couldn't think of many musical groups even from there. Marah, G Love, The Disco Biscuits, Hall & Oates. Not exactly the guys you'd put on the tourist brochure. I'd buy the argument that that Boyz II Men might be the group most associated with the city but I don't think of Philly as "Has Been Central" - that title I leave to Atlantic City. Therefore, my choice for Mr. Philadelphia has to be Will Smith. Not only does he come from Philly, but he got famous rapping about Philly. Congrats Big Willie.

This should make all Philadelphians proud:

So Will Smith is the man - but I think the tide might be turning. I found a great video on the Interweb with this guy from Philly displaying some sick air guitar skills. Philadelphia - here is your new anthem:

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