Monday, August 06, 2007

All You Need Is Hops Episode 17: America, The Beautiful

Independence Day may have come and gone here in America, but that doesn’t mean we should forget what it means to be free. This show explores songs that touch upon the disillusionment and anger that some people, even some American people, feel towards the United States today and their place in it. I think the show will make some of you listen closely and make others cover their ears.

As always you can download the show via the Hopscast links on the right side of this page, by clicking the title of this post or just clicking here. Right clicking allows you to save the file as an MP3; left clicking lets you stream the show in your browser. The full setlist can be found on the Hopscast page though I'd prefer if you listen before peeking. Of course I’d be happy to burn a show onto a CD and mail it to you if you just email me. You can also subscribe to the Hopscast via iTunes (though you might have to wait until the next episode for it to kick in). Instructions can be found on the blog here.

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