Saturday, July 21, 2007

Concert Review: Pitchfork Music Festival 2007: Day 2

Day 2

Menomena – I was happy we were able to catch the second half of their set. Their recorded music is enjoyable and growing on me with every listen. Playing live they were tight and clearly talented, mixing up their sound and instruments. It was also really refreshing getting to hear a rock band after getting almost none of that in Day 1.

The Sea and Cake – I don’t know Sea and Cake’s entire catalog, which is large, but I have a couple of albums by them that I enjoy. Playing live they were able to step up their sound to something a bit more rocking than their fairly mellow music. They still have elements pop, but are quite unique. Once you hear them on stage you know it’s them. The highlight was definitely them playing “Parasol” – by far my favorite Sea and Cake song (see Episode 4 of All You Need Is Hops)

Jamie Lidell – Most heard comments when Lidell was on stage – “Whoa, I didn’t realize that dude was White” and “Whoa, that dude is crazy!”. Indeed. Definitely entertaining as my beer was flowing. I don’t know what was flowing backstage with him, but I bet it was a party.

Stephen Malkmus – Not being a huge Pavement fan I don’t have the love affair with Stephen Malkus (no Jicks) which probably explains why I didn’t pay much attention to his set. Instead I drank more beer and talked to the people around me. That said this was exactly what I wanted to do during his set so it isn’t like he put on a bad show. Actually, the crowd dug him. I just wasn’t in the mood.

Of Montreal – What can you say about them? They are somewhat insane… actually not somewhat. They are insane. Think The Flaming Lips meet Depeche Mode and you got Of Montreal. The pictures below say it all. I actually enjoyed their set.

The New Pornographers – First let me say that I lose ALL my indie rock credibility because I had no idea Neko Case was the woman in the New Pornographers. I love Neko Case and have been listening to her quite a bit lately… just been on a Neko kick. However, I’ve never been high on the New Pornographers, they’re poppy and fun but not something I’ve ever been drawn to. Now I’m going to listen more carefully because they were awesome live. By far the best band I saw at the Festival. Fun, rocking, danceable. Would have been a perfect way to go out. But….

Klaxons – I made a bonehead move by leaving the New Pornographers set ¾ of the way in because I really wanted to see The Klaxons back on the second stage. I should have known better since the New Pornographers were fantastic and the second stage was pretty much a bust all weekend. After watching them warm-up for 30 minutes (they just couldn’t get the sound right on that stage) they finally started playing. Definitely a disappointing set we left somewhere in the middle, hit the bathrooms, caught De La Soul while walking back to the L. As for the L - well the Chicago Transit Authority sucks – that’s all I have to say about that.

Jamie Lidell - Jesus meet Hugh Heffner

Photo by Jason Bergman via

Of Montreal - Flaming Lips meet Depeche Mode

Photos by Jen Reel, Leigh Ann Hines, Jana Green and Jason Bergman via

Overall I had a great time. It’s been years since I went to a Festival. As long as you’re not too amped to watch any of the bands it’s a perfect way to spend the weekend.

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