Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Blow by Blow with Paul and Tim

A while back Long Island Paul and I had some banter about the Guns ‘n Roses Video “November Rain”. We had some much fun doing this Blow by Blow we’re doing it again, this time with another Strong Islander, Twisted Tim. And we decided in honor of baseball’s opening day we’d choose this ‘classic’ by Damn Yankees, “High Enough”. This ‘supergroup’ features members of Styx, and Night Ranger and of course Ted Nugent. Our running commentary can be found below:

Long Island Paul in green, Twisted Tim in red, Hops in Blue

0:02 - What is this, a porno scene?
0:12 – Why was the sheriff just sitting there when the guy comes sprinting by no more than 10 yards away? How did the cops all know he was going to be there? Why didn’t they shoot him BEFORE he ran into the house if they were there already? Apparently because Molly Ringwald was hitting on him.
0:43 INCREDIBLE sunglasses.
0:47 - This is such a supergroup that Eddie Van Halen could only be a part of it if he agreed to play drums.
0:47 - Wayne on drums...
0:49 - ... and Garth on lead vocals!
1:01 – Always cool to see the bass player singing. You would think since they are a “super-group” they could find a better place to jam then a burned-out gas station.
1:07 – “I didn’t know what to say when you called me Baby”. He couldn't think of anything to say?
1:09 – Ted, you’re a huge rock star, millions of dollars. You can upgrade the Casio watch.
1:11 – I’m pretty sure he’s drumming in his pajamas.
1:17 - Welcome to the new Calvin Klein ad... Seriously. You can tell that girl wanted nothing to do with him either. She turns her head instantly and licks her chin. She was counting money, so obviously she wasn’t really in to him. Just his wad.
1:37 -I also like how they differentiate the storyline from the band by going from black and white to color. Oh no, wait, they throw that out the window at 1:37.
1:40 – I like how they throw footage of them practicing in there.
2:14 – Best entrance in a video EVER
2:18 - What's going on with Ted's lower body? And why can't we see his right hand? Looks like the end of a "hand party."
2:51 – they should get an award for having video of them running right when the band sings “running”. I guess these aren’t the types of guys to ever go for subtlety
3:02 - Sorry honey, but I'm not getting caught. I'm going over first... Like I said, she is just in it for the wad.
3:15 – Sorry, we have a new winner for best video entrance EVER. On top of that, he's in black and white, so it means Ted is now part of the storyline! He's protecting the bad people! I lost it when the flowing cape matching his guitar made an appearance. He rocked so hard in the solo that bullets actually deflected off of him. And he definitely put the entire bag of Big League Chew in his mouth before shooting the video.
3:15-3:36 - Worst. Shooting. Ever.
3:30 – Do you think the actors playing the cops actually wished they were shooting at guys from Night Ranger and Styx? They probably would have done us a favor taking a few of them out.
3:47 – do they were sleeveless shirts and skirts in jail?
3:52 – Wait, now it's in color. I'm confused. Who directed this, Ed Wood?
3:52 - Now that we've riddled the house with a couple hundred bullets, maybe it's safe to go in.
4:01 - What's with the priest, is she really getting the chair? In Ted Nugent’s world everyone gets the chair. God Bless America. I’m still confused about what they did. They clearly robbed al liquor store. But don’t you think that the police force is a bit excessive for some old fashioned robbery? That's what I was getting at. We never see him with a gun or acting like he killed someone...where does the chair come into play here, even with The Nuge involved? And if she is just in it for the money, how does she not work out a deal with the cops to trap the other guy and avoid the chair? I guess blondes really are that dumb...
4:32 – She was in jail so long her blonde hair dye ran out.
4:37 – Now we know where that annoying Pearl Jam poster with Eddie Vedder leaning against Jeff Ament that everyone had in college came from.
4:49 – Well, now we know who directed it, M. Night Shamyalan. Twist ending, Ted (still packing the gum) is the priest! He's in their world now! So is he going help kill her? I realize he snuck in as a Priest but is he there to help spring her from jail? That wouldn’t make sense since he never met her, he just wailed on guitar outside her house. Maybe he’s just there to help execute her. Nugent loves a good execution. I think he dresses as the priest to read her last rites, but then he rips off the robe and collar to reveal his hunting gear and executes her himself with his bow and arrow. Now THAT would be a great ending to the video.

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