Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Add Hops to Google

Worried that you're not as up to date with the latest posting on All You Need Is Hops? Well now you can add Hops updates to Gmail and your Google home page. Here is how you do it:

To Add Hops to Gmail:
1) Go to you Gmail account, in the upper right hand corner click "settings"
2) Choose the "web clips" tab
3) In the box that says "Search by topic or URL:" type in "All You Need Is Hops"
4) The first topic that comes up should be correct, click the "add button"
5) That's it! Now when you go to your gmail home page you'll a title on the top for news clips. Occasionally the Hops post will come up. If you don't see it scroll through by clicking the arrows on the right.

To Add Hops to Your Google Home Page:
1) Go to google.com
2) click on "Personalized Home" at the top right of the screen
3) click the "Add stuff »" link on the right side above the bar
4) in the "search content" box on the top of the screen search for "All You Need Is Hops"
5) All You Need Is Hops will come up in the list (probably last). Click the button to "add it now"
6) when you go back to your personalized home page Hops news will show up!
You might be able to skip all that and just go to this link, but I'm not sure if it works.

If you have any questions email me at allyouneedishops@gmail.com

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