Friday, February 09, 2007

(No) Love in an elevator

A few months ago our management company at work changed the elevator music in the lobby from Soft Rock hits to Musak. Where as before I’d hope to hear a little John Lennon, Fleetwood Mac and Billy Joel sprinkled in with my Air Supply, Linda Ronstadt and ABBA now all we get is synthesized crap. Just a few minutes ago I heard “This must be the place (naïve melody)” by The Talking Heads in Musak form. I repeat, The Talking Heads in Musak form! That’s just not Kosher.

All this begs the question: With the advent of digital music and portable music players is the era of elevator music over? How long will it be before individuals will be so easily empowered to choose the music they do (or do not) hear in an elevator that there wont be a need to pump in some garbage?

Discuss amongst yourselves or leave a comment. Rant over.

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