Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mexicali Blues

USA 2 - Mexico 0

I get asked a lot why my “All You Need Is Hops” photo has me making weird gang symbols with my hands. Well the only gang I’m in is the J-Crew and we don’t have a cool symbol (yet). So here is the true story: I was boozing in New York for my bachelor party and I decided to talk some smack while at a Mexican restaurant so I put up two fingers with one hand and made a zero sign with my other. Why? You see in the 2002 World Cup we beat Mexico 2-0. A couple of years ago in qualifying for the World Cup we beat them 2-0 in Columbus to seal our ticket to the World Cup. Last night we beat them 2-0 again in a “friendly” so I thought it would be a good time to finally address this mystery.

But this isn’t a soccer blog, this is a music blog. So here are five songs dedicated to El Tri:

  1. “Nothing Was Delivered” by Bob Dylan & The BandMexico has scored zero goals in the last 8 games on US soil.
  2. “Isn’t it a pity” by George Harrison from All Things Must PassMexico used to be the best team in North America…not anymore. The giant is dead.
  3. “Suck” by Nine Inch Nails – Guess what… Mexico sucks
  4. “Real Situation” by Bob Marley: “Ain’t no use, no one can stop them now”. They never give us credit when we beat them (which is usually the case). The real situation is that we’re better. Enough said.
  5. “Cheated Hearts” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s wrong that their national team display such a lack of sportsmanship on the field. Their fans are pretty amazing. Even though they live in America, their hearts still are with the Mexican culture. And to them, futbol is culture. Therefore when they lose to the “Gringos” up north it hurts on a level most Americans can’t really understand. It simply means more than what we see on the field to them.

Note: I’m only talking about the chumps on the Mexican soccer team, not the Mexican people or the country of Mexico itself. It’s not their fault the guys who supposedly represent their nation are a bunch of dirtbags.

Notice the keeper, Oswaldo "Dirty" Sanchez, trying to take out Johnson after the goal.

A Mexican fan making his Two-Oh Face

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