Friday, January 26, 2007

Worst. Band. Ever.

I noticed that a band called The Locust was coming to town to play a local DC venue, The Black Cat. This news actually reached me via email, and from Ticketmaster no less. So I thought, could this be the same band I had hear about from my friends Twisted Tim and Long Island Paul? Indeed it was. For some reason, people (mostly little people - as in teenagers) love this band. Obviously they have a following if Ticketmaster feels the need to let me know about their show coming up. What I don’t get is WHY. They could be the worst band I’ve ever heard. They’re so bad if you added me into the lineup I could only make them better. I can’t sing, I can’t play an instrument and I was blessed with citizenship status in the Rhythmless Nation and I'm still more talented. That said, their drummer can move his arms pretty fast.

Tim and Paul had the luxury of seeing these guys as opening band once. They only caught the last ten minutes but here were their comments on the show:

Paul: “We didn't even get to see them do any vocals. By the time we saw them, it was 10 minutes of feedback. I'm not exaggerating on the 10 minutes either.”
Tim: “I think my ears are still recovering from that 10 minutes”

Check them out for yourself. Notice the crowd, Lame City:

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Jersey Jack said...

Along those same lines, you should devot a post to 'least favorite concerts' attended.

Besides The Locust, I've been thoroughly disappointed with Steve Miller Band. He played ALL his hits and then went on a 2 hour 'history of guitar' tangent, only to finish with the joker. I'd also have to include Bloc Party in there, every song sounded identical and they just seemed to be too much of the 'band of the moment'

Finally, have to add the last Wilco show I saw. I think he played for 9 hours, and it was all low-key mellow stuff. My back almost gave out 4.75 hours in. On top of that, his fans (followers) all hang on every word the guy says. Kind of creepy. Odd, because the first show I saw of Wilco is one of my favorites.