Friday, January 05, 2007

The Edgar Allen Police

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da in your hometown!

According to an article on The Police are getting close to reuniting and touring! I have to say I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve often said that they were one of my top bands who I’d love to see reunite for a tour (I preface this with the fact that the band has to all be alive, so obviously we can witness a Beatles reunion). The Police are a true outlier in rock history as they quit when they were on top of their game and top of the charts. Their music wasn’t suffering, but they just couldn’t get along. I own a copy of the Police Live! double album and still listen to it once and a while. Some of their performances on there are fantastic. Notably “Walking on the Moon”, “So Lonely”, “Synchronicity” and “Can’t Stand Losing You”. For a trio, they really put out a full sound. Part of this is due to their drummer Stuart Copeland. I’d have to rank him up there as one of my favorite drummers. He has a truly distinguishable sound that fueled the band.

Here’s hoping they do in fact make it to the States.

Other bands I’d love to see get back together and tour:

- The Verve
- The Talking Heads
- Pink Floyd
- Uncle Tupelo

Who would you want to reunite?

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Mrs. Hops said...

Easy- Soundgarden. Without the "they all have to be alive rule" I'd add Alice in Chains (already touring again with out Layne Staley which I think is a crime) and Nirvana. I never got to see these bands live because I was too young. Bummer. At least Rage might be getting back together...