Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hops' Top 5 Albums of 2006

You know you’ve made it in the music business when you’ve received a nomination as on of Hops’ Top 5 Albums of the Year. On the latest Hopscast (Episode 10: Top of the Hops) I’ve played a track from every album on this list. For more information about why I included these tracks check out the extended set notes from Episode 10 on the Hopscast page (click here). I highly encourage you to check it out as it contains some things I forgot to mention on the show. But for now here it is:

Hops’ Top 5 Albums of 2006

1) Return To Cookie Mountain by TV On The Radio

2) Everything All Of The Time by Band of Horses

3) Modern Times by Bob Dylan

4) The Eraser by Thom Yorke

5) Every Waking Moment by Citizen Cope

There were a bunch of other great albums that could be considered for Honorable Mention, but I’ve played something from most of them throughout the year on the show. I hope you check out samples from each of these albums on the latest Hopscast and run out and buy them.

For a recap of my favorite albums from last year click here.

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