Monday, April 17, 2006

Had to add one more Passover quote / New Springsteen album

I am listening to a sneak peak of the new Springsteen album of Pete Seeger covers and I had to add one more Passover lyric (listen to the new album here for a limited time)

From Oh Mary Don't You Weep by Pete Seeger (and covered by Bruce Springsteen):
Cheer up, sisters and don't you cry
There'll be good times bye and bye
Didn't Pharaoh's army get drownded?
Oh, Mary, don't you weep

My thoughts on the album so far (i'm only three-quarters of the way through it) are that its way more upbeat and interesting than I thought it would be. Really brings you to another time and place in your mind. I'll have to give it a fairer listen, but I do really like it. That said, unless you're a Springsteen fan AND a folk fan you probably should take a pass on this one.

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