Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All You Need This Week

By the way I didn't want to make it seem that I didn't like the Josh Rouse show on my previous post - I did - it just wasn't the best Josh Rouse show ever (double bill with Leona Naess at the Black Cat on the 1972 tour was).

Anyway, this week I am up in Boston for work. I could have posted a quote from America by Simon and Garfunkel since this immigration news is all the talk today, but I honestly don't care. I could post about Boston, but there is no song called "Red Sox fans annoy me" or "I'd rather not be in Massachusetts" (though I could have posted "Back to Massachusetts" from Guster's "Homecoming Queen"). Instead I am inspired by tomorrow night being the start of Passover. So while I can't quote anything by the band Bread or the Disco Biscuits or even Cracker, I can give you a couple of Passover quotes:

"Come on now, don't you want to see?
This thing that's happening to me
Like Moses has power over sea" from COLDPLAY's song MOSES

and of course

"Left with a mark on the door,
Is this the gift that I wanted to give?"

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