Tuesday, June 09, 2009

NIN 2009 Part 3 - Soundcheck @ Camden

So after the meet and greet, we were sent over the pit in front of the stage where we waited for the other groups to do their meet and greets so that the band could come out for the sound check. While we waited we chatted with some of the other fans and showed each other our pictures with the band. I almost accidentally deleted ours, after which I decided not to play with the camera anymore! This was the third time we got to see a NIN sound check (during the days of the Spiral fan club occasionally you would get in for a sound check before the show as one of the perks of membership). Still, every time it seems surreal to be in an arena or amphitheater when it is basically empty. Hops and I had a couple of pictures taken of the two of us – this one shows the empty venue behind us.

The first member of the band out for sound check was Justin. We were standing on the rail right in front of him. He came over and said something like “I hope you guys like the soundcheck…its actually pretty boring”. I think that is true for a normal soundcheck, but this was really more like a mini private show. Trent, Robin, and Ilan came out next and Trent said that since they were running behind (the soundcheck was supposed to start at 5:30 but by this time it was more like 6:00) and so they would only play a couple of songs. We got to hear The Good Soldier first, then Dead Souls. Dead Souls was particularly cool for Hops and I because the very first soundcheck we went to for NIN back in 2005 they also played that song. It is a favorite of mine - its a cover of the Joy Division song and was released with The Crow soundtrack. Here are a few pics from the soundcheck:

After soundcheck we were all hearded to another waiting area where we could finally sit down and take a load off while they opended the venue up to the presale ticket holders. We checked out the merchandise stand and chatted with some of the other fans. Once the presale folks were in the venue, we were escorted back to the room where we had met the band. There they had set up a catered dinner for the 60 of us. There were tables to sit at and of course the living room style seating with the shag rugs. The speakers were playing NIN's All that Could Have Been. Dinner was actually really tasty. In honor of Philly they had brought in cheesesteaks. There was also soda, chips, and salad. Here is a really fantastic photo of me eating a cheesesteak.

Next up, watching the show from backstage...

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