Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Decade Ago

Phish 12/31/98 at Madison Square Garden in New York City

I was talking to my buddies Craig and Phil who accompanied me to this show and we all couldn't believe it was over ten years ago. Its nice to look back on moments like this and remember how much different life is. My date that night is now Mrs. Hops, Craig is a Dad and Phil ... well Phil is pretty much still Phil.

I would still have to rank this as the coolest concert ticket ever. It seemed more like something you would get for the Super Bowl - the "Phish" text is raised and reflective and the ticket itself was fairly large. Unfortunately it got bent a bit in my pocket that night, but its still a great souvenir. I can't believe I saved it for so long.

See the set list here. You had to love them open the New Years 98 show with "1999" by Prince. Obvious but classic. Unfortunatly I haven't found a download of the show yet.

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