Thursday, November 20, 2008

Newspaper Domination

I'd like to give a shout out to Big Momma Hops and her students that run the Hasbrouck Heights Pilot's Log newspaper. For a record FIFTH time (unofficial Hops stat of course) the newspaper won "Best In Show" at the National Scholastic Press Association's (NSPA) Annual Awards show. That's like a high school Pulitzer.

Congrats to all. Here are few tunes in honor of the occasion:

1) "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin (mp3)
"Hey Fellas Have You Heard The News?"

2) "A Day In The Life" by The Beatles (mp3)
"I read the news today oh boy"

3) "Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street" by Bruce Springsteen (mp3)
"The Daily News asks her for the dope
She says 'Man, the dope's that there's still hope'"

4) "Levon" by Elton John (mp3)
"When the New York Times said 'God Is Dead'"

5) "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service (mp3)
Congrats to all of Hasbrouck Heights.

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