Friday, March 21, 2008

Hops Recommends ...

Looking for some sources (other than Hops of course) for good music? Here are some of my favorites:

On The Interweb:
Daytrotter - this site is amazing. Somehow they get a ton of fantastic bands to swing by the Quad Cities in Iowa to play a set which they then record and post for free. Now I'm not ripping on the Quad Cities. In fact I can even say I've BEEN to the Quad Cities.... my college roomate, Miseur Gimbert resided there for most of his life. Somewhere in my house there is a photo of me at the John Deere museum riding a tractor. Ah... good memories. Anyway, check out Iowa's famous Daytrotter site. They have a ton of great bands including The Thermals, Mountain Goats, The National and DC's own These United States.

Hype Machine - a search engine for mp3s posted on blogs.

To buy music check out emusic, Amie Street and AmazonMp3s. All are excellent, legal and DRM free!

On the television:
From the Basement -
a new show created by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead's producer). Show 1 featured Thom Yorke. I get this on my Rave HD Channel.

Later...with Jools Holland - the greatest music show ever made. Again, I get this on RAVE HD but I believe Fuse shows reruns as well. The amount of bands who have played the show since 1992 is impressive: Van Morrison, Pearl Jam, John Fogerty, The National, Arcade Fire and the list goes on and on and on.

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