Friday, March 07, 2008

21st Century Classical Music

On Sunday Trent Reznor decided to post on the Nine Inch Nails website that their new album Ghosts I-IV was available. Much of the press given about this release has been focusing on the fact that it was only released digitally, that there was no record company involved and that there was no other announcement (other than a teaser on the website for fans). Check out an article in MSNBC here. These are all significnat things and a sign of where the musci business is today. However, for some reason people are looking past the fact that they release a 36 track album of electronic instrumentals music. No human voices, not robot voices, no lyrics! Certainly they aren't the first band to release an instrumental album nor are they the first to release an album of electronic instrumental music (Beastie Boys, Techno music). But I was pretty amazed by the excitement from the fans and motivation from Trent to do this.

You can buy the entire thing for $5 at the website here. You can also download the first disc for free there as well and just to make your life easier I have zipped the first disc for download here (Ghosts I).

I'm very curious to hear your thoughts. Personally, I like the vibe it creates - really chill. However, I am not sure I really needed 36 tracks worth of this. Without having something to break it up I find it almost impossible not to drift away. Its not a knock on the music individually, it is just that collectively it just sounds like a two hour classical music track. Maybe that is the point? Check it out and decide for yourself. After hearing Ghosts I do you need Ghosts II-IV?

On a side note the artwork included is absolutely brilliant! Download that in a PDF by going here.

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Hops said...

after listening to this for a couple of weeks I'm totally into it. I now definitely suggest spending $5 and getting the whole thing