Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Holiday Spirit

Apparently Holiday Cheer Does Come In Extra Large (Photo courtesy of

Some bands volunteer at soup kitchens, gift their fans gifts or make some make crappy Christmas albums (Jewish singers love to make these - you know Manilow, Diamond, Midler). However, few go the extra mile to really understand what it means to be in the Holiday (aka Christmas) Spirit. Luckily we have Queens of the Stone Age who realize that the most important thing is a really terrible sweater. As you can see they decided to don these garments for the filming of Anthony Bourdain's Holiday Special. Mr. Bourdain, in addition to being an idol of Mrs. Hops, is a celebrity chef/author/travel show host. Here is what their front man, Josh Homme, had to say about the sweater (via

QVC graciously sent us the worst sweaters of all time,” Homme explains. “I think someone Googled the word ‘horrible’ and that’s how we found them.” Bourdain, ever the arbiter of good taste, hasn’t recovered: “Those Christmas sweaters were just the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen in my life. Beyond Sandra Lee on some really awful hallucinogen.”

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Homme is worried Bourdain might try and kill his sweater

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