Friday, November 02, 2007

Naming Your Own Price is SO hip

There is only one music magazine that I pay for -that's Paste. I've been a subscriber for two years now and I have been really enjoying the publication. I think you should subscribe as well which is why I'm letting you know about a new promotion they are running: Name your own price for the magazine! (minimum $1). Check it out:


For a limited time, name your own price for a one-year subscription to Paste. Yes, it's up to you. What is a good read and a good listen, delivered to your door once a month, worth to you?

11 issues and 11 CDs (roughly 220 songs) covering the best in music, film and culture. On the newsstand, one year of Paste costs $65.45; one-year subscriptions are $19.95. In February, we will recognize those who pay the most (more than the subscription price) in the magazine—and we even made it easy for you to give gifts.

For more about the Paste Magazine, including previous covers, CD samplers, awards and more, visit our overview.

How can you not get it? $1 is less than the cost of three stamps. Awesome awesome deal. Subscribe here

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