Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Legacy

As you may or may not know Mrs. Hops and I are proud graduates of Washington University in St. Louis - or as most of us call it Wash U. Now in addition to mailing our $10 alumni donation every year for a free hat and to ensure that we remain a Top 15 school (take that Emory!) I like to brag about being a graduate. However, I often worry that I didn't leave enough of a legacy at the University. I did ref Freshman girls soccer games (still the best job I ever had), co-hosted a cooking show (Students of the Corn!), occupied the 3AM Monday DJ slot on KWUR with My Buddy Brad (see photos below) and I even once danced on stage with De La Soul at W.I.L.D but I've never thought I was truly remembered. However, I just read an article in our school newspaper, Student Life, which made me realized that my influence is still being felt today. Enjoy:

Student tasered at Gargoyle concert while resisting arrest

Man was intoxicated and naked; onlookers angry with police's actions

Drunk tasered dude... you've made me proud. You've made us ALL proud. Go Bears!

My Buddy Brad DJing at KWUR 90.3FM. Notice the sign saying that KWUR is "now online".

Hops giving the Wash U students all that they need...which is Hops

EDIT: For the record I never had a problem with the Wash U police. Dave the bike cop used to hang in our apartment and drink beers....while on duty.

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