Thursday, October 11, 2007

What ever happened to my album reviews?

As you might have noticed I rarely write a review of an album on this site. I thought I might do it more often to be honest but I've realized that I really dont like album reviews. Whenever I open a music magazine or website the last part I read is the album reviews. I more likely to read the articles, the columns and even the film reviews before going to music review section. Usually when I get there I only read reviews of album I have already listened to or maybe just find one or two really highly rated albums. So what is the point of album reviews? I think they can sometimes be interesting when you read album you already have a viewpoint on - but mostly I don't like to be too influenced by others about the music I like. Just because someone else likes it, even someone who's ears I trust, I have to be my own judge. I think the idea behind reviewing albums is to let people know which ones they should be listening to or purchase in advance. Kind of like a reputable person to filter down your choices. Again, I like to filter my own music. My other issue is that reading about music rarely gives you any clue about its content. The part I always read is when the article quotes the album's lyrics. I like that and think it at least gives you some impression of what you're going to hear. Describing the mood, feel, vibe and general emotional response you get is pretty much impossible. My experience may not be the same as yours, and my response is going to vary depending on when I hear it.

So that is why you're not getting many album reviews on this site. Now if I was giong to review an album I'd go with the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows. And if I DID write a review it would pretty much be just like this one.

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