Monday, October 01, 2007

A new way of selling music

Exciting News! Radiohead announced today their new album is going to be available in 10 days! Since they don't have a record company they are getting the chance to try some new forms of distribution. You can get the album three ways:

1) Download - the best part is that you get to name your own price! At first I didn't realize this and avoided ordering because I thought the pound to dollar rate would kill me. But since you get to pick your price I chose $5. Its a huge bargain but its giving the band more money that if i downloaded it for free and helps me save some cash which I will spend to see them in concert.
2) Discbox - this gets you the album on CD AND Vinyl. Plus you get second CD with 8 other new songs, artwork and album lyrics. Very cool. The only problem? Its 40 pounds - or about $81. That is a bit steep for a working man like myself.
3) Wait until 2008 to buy it in stores so that Best Buy and Walmart can rip you off and the band makes less money than you giving them $2 on their website

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Lori said...

I think this is a move even Trent Reznor would be impressed by. :-)