Tuesday, March 13, 2007


In honor of my 1,111 visitor (sorta) I just did a quick brainstorm for "one" songs. Lame? Probably, but I only have a few minutes in between conference calls and I need to refresh my brain. Top "one" songs:

1) One by Three Dog Night - I like the Amy Mann cover a bit more, somehow seems less cheesy (played on Episode 8)
2) One by U2 - Obviously we all know this one. Still a great song after all these years despite the fact its so often used in a way that makes you a bit sick (like Everybody Hurts by REM). Anyway, Johnny Cash did a great cover of this one as well.
3) Part One by Band of Horses - Can someone explain why this isn't the first song on the album? Oh, because The First Song is the first song on the album. Makes sense I guess.
4) One by One by Billy Bragg and Wilco - Off the Mermaid Ave. album of unreleased Woody Guthrie lyrics.
5) Another One Goes By by The Walkmen - a cover of a Mazerin song, I never heard of Mazerin either but I love this track

Ok - so it wasn't my most clever post ever. But no one ever accused me of being clever.

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