Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Episode 9 of “All You Need Is Hops” is now available!

All You Need Is Hops Episode 9: Hollywood Hops

I know many of my loyal fans will be traveling for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and I wanted to make sure you had plenty of Hops to get you through. For those not traveling you can put on this episode while you eat your turkey. It should smooth over all the arguments between your drunken racist uncle and your insane cousin who keeps asking you to pass the gravy even though it is right in front of him.

Actually this episode has nothing to do with Thanksgiving at all. I didn’t want to alienate my strong British fan base so instead I have done a show inspired by movies and television. I hope it helps ease the pain of overstuffing yourself.
As always you can download the page by clicking the title of this post or by using the links on the right side of the page. Additionally you can go to the Hopscast page here which has a description of every show and the set list. I prefer you listen before reading the set list though.

If you need a CD copy or help downloading just email me at allyouneedishops@gmail.com

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