Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Episode 4 Song list and Notes

0) Theme Song by Hops

1) Not Dark Yet by Bob Dylan from Time Out Of Mind
One of my favorite albums of all-time. This marked of of (many) Bob Dylan comebacks. His first Top 10 album since the late 70’s, it also saw him reunited with Daneil Lanois, who also produced Oh Mercy!, another of his big comeback albums. Lanois is most famous for producing almost all of the U2 albums.

2) Room At The Top by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers from Echo
Other great overlooked Petty songs on Echo include Lonesome Sundown, Free Girl Now and the title track

3) Miserable South by Josh Rouse from Bedroom Classics
This entire EP could have been played for this Hopscast, in fact most of his music could be played. Josh Rouse has an amazing ability to convey emotion and atmosphere with simple songs.

4) I’ve Got Dreams To Remember by Otis Reading from Remember Me
Did you know Sitting On The Dock of the Bay went to #1 after Otis died? Sad… imagine what other great music he would have produced.

5) Sleep Walk by Santo and Johnny from Canadian-American Story
It took me a while to remember what the name of this song was. It wasn’t included in the La Bamba soundtrack, which is where I thought I’d be able to find it. Its one of those songs that is instantly recognizable, yet very few people know what it is.

6) Meeting Across The River by Bruce Springsteen from Born To Run
One of those Bruce songs that really features Clarence Clemmons on sax. The song is so desperate it sounds like the characters are from another time, but they can be from today.

7) Chelsea (hidden track) by Counting Crows from Across A Wire: Live in New York City
Its easy to hear the link between the this and the previous song. In addition to the New York theme, both feature that sad saxophone sound. Makes you wonder where their talent went when you see them performing the song they recorded for Shrek 2.

8) 59th Street by Amy Correia from Lakeville
Amy Correia only has two albums but I dig them both. She sounds a bit like Rickie Lee Jones, which isn’t a bad thing

9) Chicago by Sufjan Stevens from Illinois
This album was on almost all the hipsters Top 10 lists. At first I didn’t really love it, but its grown on me. He’s a real talent.

10) Parasol by Sea & Cake from Nassau
Most of the lyrics by Sea & Cake seem to be just random thoughts, and this song is no different. Still I love the mood it creates in my head.

11) Sweet Child O’ Mine by Luna from The Days of Our Nights
One of my favorite covers of all time. Sadly Luna split up recently, but their album Penthouse is one of my favorite albums. The opening song, Chinatown, off that album almost made the show instead of this cover, but I had to go with the anti-BBQ music theme.

12) America by Simon & Garfunkel from The Concert in Central Park
Are there people who don’t own this album or haven’t heard this song? People forget how good Simon & Garfunkel were. There music can sound a bit dated, but it still holds up for the most part.

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