Friday, June 09, 2006

Group B

England's 6' 7'' Peter Crouch doing the Robot!

England: Another easy one!

London Calling by The Clash: Because the whole country, not just the capital will be watching very closely. And “The Clash” is the perfect band name for the World Cup.

Gold Lion by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Off the album “Show Your Bones”. Last year before the World Cup all anyone could talk about was David Beckham’s broken foot, this year all anyone can talk about is the broken foot of Wayne Rooney, the new star of the English team. Also, the English team’s nickname are The Three Lions due to their crest, so Gold Lion fits if they win… as would the Yeah Yeah Yeah part.


Spies by Coldplay: Sven Goren Erikson is Swedish… he’s also the coach of England. I smell a conspiracy!

I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred: Its funny - you figure the Swedes to be a bunch of blonde hair blue eyed dudes. But their best player is names Zlatan Ibrahimovic (he’s incredible) and their other star is (I think) black, Henrik Larsson. Another star is actually more typically Swedish, Fredrik “Freddy” Ljungberg. He modeled for Calvin Klein which inspired the song for Sweden. No word on if the Bikini Team will be in Germany as well.

Trinidad and Tobago:

TNT by AC/DC: Trinidad and Tobago –also known as T&T are two separate very tiny islands that compete as one country. What better song that this:

Cause I'm T.N.T., I'm dynamite!
(T.N.T.) And I'll win the fight!
(T.N.T.) I'm a power load!
(T.N.T.) Just watch me explooooode!”

Hopefully we’re talking about just that verse, not the next one

“I'm dirty, mean, and mighty unclean”

Life is a Carnival by The Band: They might be the smallest country in the World Cup and massive underdogs, but they have the right attitude. They’ve been dreaming of going to the World Cup since the USA knocked them out with Paul Caligiuri’s “Shot Heard Round The World” in 1990. Until this year it was the closest they ever got. The entire nation will be one massive party that will rival their other big party “Carnivale”. It is said their Carnivale is the largest outside of Brazil. Basically the entire population of 1MM people just parties for three straight days. Incredible. They also have the best nickname in the tourney “The Soca Warriors”


Piranas are a very tricky species by Mark Mothersbaugh: The former Devo front man scored the Rushmore movie, and this is on of the names of the instrumental tracks he created (also a great line in the movie). I use this since Paraguay Southern border is defined by the Rio Parana (thanks Interweb!). And I think it describes their team pretty well.

The Magnificent Seven by The Clash: It’s their seventh World Cup finals… will this be a lucky number seven for them?

That’s it for Group B. My predictions: England wins the group with Sweden coming in second.

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