Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Copa Mundial!

The sign posted on my cubicle.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I’ve been busy at work trying to catch up before the World Cup. In honor of the greatest sporting event on Earth starting this week I am going to come up with songs for each team participating. First, I am going to start with Group E, our group. It Here you go:

Czech Republic - I wish I could get an audio clip of Homer Simpson doing his “check check I’m checking my love for you song” he performed during the Super Bowl episode, but alas I’m not that resourceful. So here are my Czech Republic songs:

The Trial by Pink Floyd – A bit of a stretch, but since songs about the Czechs aren’t really very prevalent I then though about Prague, again nothing. Then I though about Kafka, who is one of the most famous people from Prague. He is known for “The Metamorphosis” which doesn’t really work in song lyrics, so instead I went with “The Trial”, another great Kafka book.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen – Yes, the Czech Republic is the heart of Bohemia. I also could have gone with by What I am by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. But that wouldn’t have been as cool. Did you know she is married to Paul Simon?

My Way by Frank Sinatra – How can I not go with Sinatra? The song the US team adopted in the least World Cup. And we’ll beat them OUR way again this time.

Joey by Bob Dylan –Since Joey is obviously an Italian and for the line “They got him on conspiracy, they were never sure who with.” Since the Italians always blame their losses on conspiracy theories involving the referees. Currently, the whole Italian league is going through a crisis because Juventes (the Yankees of Italy) were caught influencing which referees worked which games. Also see Conspiracy by The Black Crowes.

Ghana: Ummmm… anyone know any good songs about Ghana? Here is all I got.
Under African Skies by Paul SimonGhana is in Africa. That I know. I also know I like this song off of Graceland.

Drown by Son Volt – Looks like Lake Volta is a massive lake in Ghana. I could have suggested something by The Mars Volta in honor of that, but I don’t really know their music. So instead I propose drowning in Lake Volta.

USA: So much to choose from.
Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen: A totally misunderstood song. Played a symbol of patriotism, they lyrics are really about Vietnam. “Got in a little hometown jam, So they put a rifle in my hand, Sent me off to a foreign land, To go and kill the yellow man”. Does that sound like a rah rah song to you?

I’m Afraid of Americans by David Bowie: An awesome song which was a collaboration with Trent Reznor. The world SHOULD be afraid of Americans, because we’re going to surprise some people in Germany!

And in honor of Group E, also known as "The Group of Death" to the quality of the four teams in it I recommend Death is the Easy Way by My Morning Jacket.

The World Cup starts Friday. I'm ridiculously excited.

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