Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Hops Feature - All You Need This Week….

»I decided to add a weekly entry since I can’t get my podcasts out very fast (they take a lot of work). These will be a quote from the song of the week that i’d play right then if I had a live show. If you ever got an email from me you would know I usually put a song quote in the title as well. So now I'll do that on my blog.

So All You Need This Week Is ...

»“Put me in coach I’m ready to play... look at me I can be centerfield” from John Fogerty’s Centerfield. Obviously its for the kickoff of the baseball season this weekend. Overplayed? Yes. Still good? I think so. By the way the Yankees will come through this year and win it all again.
But its also opening day for MLS this weekend, which I’m WAY more excited for. I’ll be at the DC United game on Sunday vs. the New York Red Bulls. They used to be called the MetroStars, but the energy drink company bought them and changed pretty much everything about them. They're even paying for 600 of their fans to come to DC for the game (free bus, free tickets). I'm really excited for the MLS season to kick off, as well as the World Cup and my very own Rampage season (my club team). We start next weekend. So in honor of the REAL opening day this weekend:
»Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine
and "So come on back from New York City Roll your trucks in at dawn" from my favorite Uncle Tupelo song "New Madrid" (uncle tupelo split to become Wilco and Son Volt, but more on that later).
both in honor of the buses roll
ing in from NYC

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