Friday, March 03, 2006

Lamest Concert Souvenir Ever?

We saw Coldplay last night, had INCREDIBLE seats. They were right on the side of the stage, so Chris Martin was literally a few feet from us singing for a lot of the songs. Had a great time. As a thank you for my manager for letting me get out of a meeting and go to the show I picked up this fancy schmancy Coldplay mug. So I ask you - Is this the lamest concert souvenir ever? Discuss amongst yourselves.


amy appleby said...

Do tell me the gentleman delivering my fresh brew from the single-cup coffee maker on Monday will be none other than Mr. Martin. (Gyn and Apple won't mind--we're connected via the whole Apple thing.) No?? Well, then, I am the proud recipient of the lamest concert souviner ever. ;)

J "best music taste" Haas said...

Is it that the band knows its fan base is lame when they decided to market coffee cups, or is it that band that's lame? I have a compromise answer… I think both are lame.

However, you do get bonus suck up points for snagging your boss a concert souvenir. Nice work.

Hops said...

I think its more representative of the band appealing to yuppies, most of souveniers being sold were $50 t-shirts that 13 year olds were buying.